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Weiliguang Technology Co.,Ltd.,founded in October 1993,is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D,production and sales of PCB,as well as precision plastics and precision mold products. The headquarter of Weiliguang is in Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province,the production base is located in Guangde Economic Development Zone,Anhui Province.After nearly thirty years of deep plowing,our current monthly PCB production capacity are 80,000㎡,from 1 to 8 layers,the product type covers LED display PCB,double-sided PCB,multi-layer PCB,green oil control PCB,high-frequency and other kinds of PCB,which widely used in automotive electronics,industrial control,5G communications,intelligent terminals,and other fields.The mold capacity is 150pcs per month. Weiliguang has its own production workshop of 28,000㎡,which is equipped with modern production line and world-class manufacturing equipment,such as solder-mask automatic exposure machine,solder-mask automatic screen printing machine,LDI line exposure machine,VCP vertical plating line,DES acid etching line,etc.We have passed ISO9001,ISO14001,IATF16949,CQC,UL and other certifications,also has been authorized a number of invention patents in 5G application PCB,smart charging pile application PCB,modified plastic particles,etc. Adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity management,steady development,innovation and enterprising,and create value for customers continuously",we will continue to explore in the electronic circuit industry,and with the spirit of great national craftsmanship,we look forward to building business relationships with worldwide clients.

In July, the "Project Investment Agreement" was signed with the Administrative Committee of Guangde Development Zone, and the main business of Hangzhou was relocated to Guangde, focusing on the deep development of Guangde area
Invest Weiliguang Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangde
Hangzhou precision plastic production moved to Guangde production base
Be authorized National High-tech Enterprises
Guangde invested in PCB Weiyuan factory and independently owned the PCB production line in East China
Established Dongguan office (branch) to serve customers in South China quickly and efficiently
The company was registered and established in Hangzhou and became the first manufacturer of LED flat display components in China
Organizational structure
Future developments
The second phase of Willy Guang has a planned land of 80 acres, and plans to build an annual output of 700,000 square meters of high-end multi-layer circuit boards, 400,000 square meters of MINI LED boards and 130 million mold production lines of supporting precision plastic products. In the next three years, Willy will be committed to establishing a sound technological innovation organization system and guarantee mechanism, increasing investment in the construction of production bases, and carrying out collaborative innovation. At the same time, it implements the application of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0 projects, adopts the concept of automated assembly line operation, and commissions the development of MES system, EAP and APS system, aiming to build an advanced intelligent digital enterprise in the same industry in China. Adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity management, steady development, innovation and enterprising, and continuous creation of value for customers", we will continue to explore in the electronic circuit industry and build a leading domestic electronic circuit product manufacturing enterprise with the spirit of craftsmen in China.
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